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A Guide to Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment

Many of us feel that since we look fit we can handle minor disorders in our body


However that might not be the case; you might be overlooking some ailments just because you are unfamiliar with them. Bacterial Vaginosis is one such problem many females suffer from and they are often unaware of it.

Signs to Detect the Disease: 

  • There is a whitish or grayish thin discharge from the vagina
  • The fishy odor from the discharge
  • Inflammation and itchiness at advancing stages
  • Burning Sensation during urination

Often the above symptoms may not be clear. There are times when you live in doubt whether there is a problem or not. Remember, you are dealing with the most delicate as well as vital organ and there are various reasons which might make you vulnerable to this infection.

Although there are not many highlighted complications because of this disease, yet they do exist.

  • Pelvic inflammations, which might make matters worse during pregnancy.
  • Diminish the protection power of the vagina, hence other infections might follow. The presence of these bacteria might lessen your immunity towards HIV causing viruses too.
  • It might affect your fertility and also lead to serious post-surgery infections at later stages of life.

Hence, the worthy option is to go for a proper diagnosis under the guidance of a medical practitioner, so that you have assured answers.

Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment is completely unfussy; all you have to do is follow the advices with care. Here is a look at some measures both from the medicinal viewpoint as well as home remedies:

  • There are popular antibiotics available in the form of pills as well as ointment. These need the guidance of expert doctors, because they suggest the quantity of intake.
  • Olive leaf extract and tea tree oil too are recommended widely by many users who have found relief with its usage.
  • Avoiding intake of caffeine and too much sugar will cut down on the bacterial growth.
  • Good bacteria like acidophilus can be consumed or ingested into the body.
  • Fax seed, fresh fruits and vegetables and lots of water will keep you hydrated and aid in the recovery.

When taking the antibiotics there are certain points you must keep in mind, especially take care that the good bacteria are also not destroyed along with the harmful ones. This is one of the reasons for recurring BV issues. There are increasing numbers of women suffering from this disease, and you become susceptible to it as soon as you reach puberty.

For some the antibiotics work while others have found relief with the herbal treatments. Whenever you feel that there are symptoms of such complications make certain that you reach out to your doctor for advice. This might not look like big issues initially but it disturbs your sex life as well as pregnancy days. Moreover, once it complicates the healing procedure will turn more problematic and time-consuming. Therefore, be cautious and take the measures at the earliest. 

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