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Fast Facts About Areola Reduction

Areola Reduction, a fairly common procedure in the cosmetic world


What is an Areola?

Areola is different from nipples. The areola is the dark and pigmented skin around your nipples. These patch of skin may come in all shapes and sizes just like your breasts. But then many women tend to have theirs operated on because at some point it may become puffy, enlarged and stands out too much.

The process of reducing it is called Areola Reduction, a fairly common procedure in the cosmetic world. The enlargement of the areola may be due to the following causes:

  • Pregnancy
  • Breast feeding
  • Breasts sagging
  • Weight gain
  • Genetics

During pregnancy, breast size may change. After giving birth, the breast feeding process will further have an effect in your breasts and areolas. To add to that, your genetic makeup is another factor. Areola tends to be puffy and enlarged after a long time of breast feeding. That is why many women are hoping to reduce aerola through surgeries.

Who can be a Candidate for Areola Reduction?

Most often, women who had given birth and have enlarged areola are the candidates for the procedure. Also women who have a disproportionate breasts and areola can be accommodated for the procedure too. As long as the doctor will say otherwise, then you can go on and undergo the procedure.

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Signs That You Need to Visit a Cosmetic Clinic

We cannot stop aging but we can combat its rapid onslaught against our skin.


Skin products, treatments and positive outlook can be the tops ways in order to stay young and vibrant. Top cosmetic procedures according to statistics include anti-wrinkle treatments and liposuction. Included also are fillers and augmentations.

In so many ways, women are trying their best to be able to see to it that they stay young. And staying young back then had been a feat to accomplish but it just gets so easy due to modern technologies of today.

Women, during middle age or even younger sometimes though experiences this denial stage wherein they psychologically deny the onset of aging even though it is as evident as daylight in their skin and appearance. And who can blame them?

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