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Can Calamari Oil DHA Help In Lowering The Risk Of Cancer?

  • Written by Roselen
  • Published in Cancers

Foods containing omega-3 fatty acids can help in lowering the risk and prevention of certain cancers


According to studies, the essential fatty acid DHA which is found in cold water fish, krill and squid can help in minimizing the development of skin and oral cancers. A study was made by scientists from The University of London who cultured cells in the laboratory from several cell lines. The cell lines include malignant oral and skin cancers alongside pre malignant cells and normal oral sand skin cells. The goal of the study is to focus on  a type of cancer called the squamous-cell carcinoma. This cancer cell is known as one of the major forms of skin cancer that manifests and affect the outer layers of the human skin. The researchers stated that the squamous-cell carcinoma can also manifest in the digestive linings, lungs and can also spread to the other body areas.

Cancer Cell Killers

When the study was made to in vitro tests by adding fatty acids in the cancel cell cultures, the results showed that omega-3 fatty acids induced the death malignant and pre-malignant cells in doing that has no effect on normal cells. It was also partly due to an over-stimulation of a growth factor which caused the cell’s death. The researchers stated that because the doses needed to kill the cancer cells have no negative effect on normal cells, it can mean that omega-3 fatty acids could be used for the prevention and treatment of oral and skin cancers. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish, krill and squid. This essential fatty acid is also known  for having numerous health benefits for all ages. It also helps in preventing cardiovascular and nervous system diseases. With the three sources of omega-3s, squid oil is the new player in the market but it is proven to be more potent than the popular fish and krill oil. If an individual enhance their diet with foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, then the possibility of developing cancer will go down.

Because omega-3 fatty acids cannot be manufactured by the human body in large quantities, the main source of getting is through diet or supplements. Having omega-3 rich foods in your daily diet will be a big boost to your health. DHA-rich calamari oil has anti inflammation properties which can also help in reducing the unnecessary cell multiplication and it also has the ability to slow down the progression of cancer cells in the body. DHA and EPA are essential in making our body healthy and to function normally.

The reports that high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids particularly fish oil can cause prostate cancer. It is stated that men with high levels of omega-3 fatty acids in their blood have a 71% greater risk to develop a deadly type of prostate cancer. While the reports sound really scary, a closer look at the research shows that there is no reason to stop taking omega-3 rich foods or your supplements. Other experts stated that the finding was not definitive. They stated that the research wasn’t a controlled clinical trial  in which some subjects has taken fish oil and the other did not.  Instead, the said researchers had the blood of the subjects drawn once a year, which many experts say is just a small snapshot of what was in their blood during that time instead of a clear picture of any long –term chronic intake of the essential fatty acids. The researchers did not also set out to determine if there’s any link between prostate cancer and omega-3 fatty acids at the start of the research.  

As a conclusion, the studies showing the protective effects  of omega-3 fatty acids in the brain, heart eyes and other parts of the body are much more conclusive and solid compared to the study stated above. So, you don’t have to stop eating calamari or squid or salmon or any type of fish twice or thrice a week. Enjoy your seafood and fight cancer with it. 

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