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Can Calamari Oil DHA Help In Lowering The Risk Of Cancer?

Foods containing omega-3 fatty acids can help in lowering the risk and prevention of certain cancers


According to studies, the essential fatty acid DHA which is found in cold water fish, krill and squid can help in minimizing the development of skin and oral cancers. A study was made by scientists from The University of London who cultured cells in the laboratory from several cell lines. The cell lines include malignant oral and skin cancers alongside pre malignant cells and normal oral sand skin cells. The goal of the study is to focus on  a type of cancer called the squamous-cell carcinoma. This cancer cell is known as one of the major forms of skin cancer that manifests and affect the outer layers of the human skin. The researchers stated that the squamous-cell carcinoma can also manifest in the digestive linings, lungs and can also spread to the other body areas.

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