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Dr Dali Edwards

Dr Dali Edwards

Founder and CEO of Women In Medicine Magazine Website URL:

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The Advantage Marketplace Directory Of Women Owned Businesses And Women Business Owners TourPreview Tour





    The ADvantage Marketplace Directory of Women Owned Businesses and Women Business Owners is a smart way to market your products or services and for our site visitors to buy from businesses they trust. It uses the power of the internet and our social network to help visitors pinpoint unique women-owned businesses who offer services and must-have products that match their business needs and lifestyle.

    Visitors don’t have to sign up to browse or search for companies, but business owners need to create an account to take advantage of everything the ADvantage Marketplace offers, like an increased web presence, a micro website for your business and increased traffic to your website!

    It takes just a few easy steps to become a member – and best of all, it’s AFFORDABLE!

    Our Mission

    It's simple. We believe that successful Women Owned Businesses and Women Business Owners help to make the world a much better place! We'd like to help.

    We want to show the world how great social media can be for Women Owned Businesses and Women Business Owners and turn this into a thriving online community of people who want to love the products and services they buy and ideally get to know the people they buy from.

    Let’s face it, we are all changing the way we search for and collect information and what's more important, we as consumers, buyers or sellers are becoming considerably more demanding when it comes to the way we access that information.

    Saying that the world is moving more and more online is fast becoming an under-rated statement, it’s been in the works for the last fifteen or so years. That includes the search for companies to do business with. Make the ADvantage Marketplace a primary advertising vehicle and a valuable resource for your business!  Why not sign up NOW.  It's a one-off investment of only $79.00!

    Given the current rave around Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, both of which business owners can benefit from in the ADvantage Marketplace, you can look forward to great success in both of these arenas.

    Leverage the ADvantage Marketplace Directory of Women Owned Businesses and Women Business Owners to grow your business with unparalleled visibility for your products or services - used either as a secondary or primary website for your business.

    The ADvantage Marketplace  offers an excellent choice for business owners to be found by customers whether they are local businesses, nation wide company or a global business.

    The ADvantage Marketplace is an enticing and powerful advertising vehicle to your business and a powerful search engine for people wanting to do business with women owned firms and will help you increase your presence on the web and gain visibility to prospective clients and customers.

    Heard enough?  Why not sign up NOW!


    The ADvantage Marketplace is an online search engine directory that brings Women Owned Businesses and Women Business Owners together with potential customers to do business.

    The ADvantage Marketplace Directory is for Women Owned Businesses and Women Business Owners looking for Customers:

    Women owned businesses know the power of having personal relationships with customers. That personal touch leads to recommendations, referrals and word of mouth marketing for you: it's good for business. Doing business online can be just as warm and personal. But in reality internet marketing often boils down to technical jargon, flashy graphics and an out-of-date promotional website.

    By becoming a member of the Women In Medicine Magazine's ADvantage Marketplace directory, women owned businesses and individual women business owners can reach their prospective customers using a range of powerful and easy-to-use online marketing tools: to tell potential customers about your business, expertise and interests.

    Photos and video sharing allows you to showcase your products and services easily.

    Members can also use their ADvantage Marketplace listing as a place to interact with their customers and build trust through ratings and by recommending other businesses that they work with or know and like.

    ADvantage Marketplace members can upgrade their FREE listing to a "Featured" listing affordably using PayPal. This is a fast and secure way for customers to pay online via all major debit and credit cards, and PayPal balances. The "Featured"upgrade option can be added to your business profile by purchasing "Points" through PayPal in your ADMIN Panel during or after listing you business at a cost of a mere $100.00 as a one off payment. See our FAQ and How To's section to learn more.

    The ADvantage Marketplace is for People looking for Women Owned Businesses and Women Business Owners:

    There are lots of ways to find potential suppliers, products and services. But the leads we trust the most are the ones that come recommended by friends or family. Searching on the Web, looking up a listing in a classified directory, or just visiting a web site alone is a lottery.

    The ADvantage Marketplace will assist you to make informed decisions about which businesses to use by providing access to ratings, to quality information direct from business owners and the ability to ask questions directly through their contact form (an upgrade option). By contributing to the social networking community by rating and recommending ADvantage Marketplace business owners, registered users will help each other find the best people for the job they need done or the products and services they want.

    How much does a Listing in the ADvantage Marketplace cost?

    The ADvantage Marketplace Basic listing is only a one-off investment of $79.00! With the ADvantage Marketplace Basic listing you can: Join one industry Category, build a business profile, describe your company, upload your logo or photo, link to your website and social networks, post events information in your basic events calendar as well as view statistics about the number of visitors you have had in the ADvantage Marketplace. Plus enjoy the benefits of Par Excellence Magazine's marketing efforts!

    There are options to upgrade your business profile, you have all the features and functions of the Basic option and by purchasing "Points" in your ADMIN Panel using PayPal when you sign up - or after - you can also add:

    A "Featured" Listing - appearing in search results above the Basic listings
    An unlimited Photo Gallery which includes a Slideshow
    An unlimited Videos Library
    A Contact Form
    A Google Location Map
    All cost are one-off charges. No Monthly or Annual Subscription required. Sign up NOW!


    The ADvantage Marketplace is a smart way to market your products or services and for our site visitors to buy from businesses they trust. It uses the power of the internet and our social network to help visitors pinpoint unique women-owned businesses and women business owners who offer services and must-have products that match their business needs and lifestyle.

    Visitors don’t have to sign up to browse or search for companies, but business owners need to create an account to take advantage of everything the ADvantage Marketplace offers, like an increased web presence, a micro website for your business and increased traffic to your website!

    It takes just a few easy steps to become a member – and best of all, it’s AFFORDABLE!

    Get started on the ADvantage Marketplace Directory of Women Owned Businesses and Women Business Owners

    If you’re a business and you’re new to the ADvantage Marketplace then you’re in the right place! We are a community of people who want to buy from, and sell to people they know and trust. Our website gives you the tools you need to build trust and bring your business to life so you can promote your products and services, grow your network of customers and contacts and sell effectively.

    Four good reasons to join the ADvantage Marketplace are:

    Get noticed

    It only takes a few steps to create a ADvantage Marketplace business profile and make your products and services easy to find, browse and buy. Plus, we’ve made it simple to upload and display content that search engines and visitors love so use your ADvantage Marketplace to bring your business to life with images, videos and news.

    Get more traffic

    Your ADvantage Marketplace is designed to help drive traffic and customers from search to you. Use your ADvantage Marketplace as your sole business website or use it to promote your own website.

    Get more leads

    Face to face networking is great, but can be limited and time consuming. Now you can build online word of mouth. Simply update your ADvantage Marketplace regularly, participate in the communities and watch your network grow. With customer testimonials and recommendations from businesses you can benefit from doing what comes naturally.

    Sell more products and services

    Your ADvantage Marketplace listing can provide you with an event calendar, website link, social media links as standard while letting you showcase your business with news, video, images, galleries and more with a very affordable upgradeoptional to a "Featured" listing!

    To join the ADvantage Marketplace Directory of Women Owned Businesses and Women Business Owners' community - Heard enough? Sign up NOW!


    Whether it's your first stab at creating an online identity or if you're just looking to promote your business online, being on the ADvantage Marketplace can help you do that and more...

    Find new customers by getting noticed

    Being different is tough in an overcrowded marketplace. So what the ADvantage Marketplace does, is allow you as a business to be different and get noticed. Not only can you create an online identity through your  ADvantage Marketplace listing but once it's live your products and services get featured in our ADvantage Marketplace section.

    Content from your listing may occasionally be featured on other areas of our website, and the more often you update your directory listing, the more attention you get - both on our website and on external search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

    Promote your business using social media

    The ADvantage Marketplace lets you showcase your products and services, but more importantly, your story. You can promote your business and tell your story on your ADvantage Marketplace listing using the social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, Digg and video.

    Interact with your customers and other like-minded people

    We believe people buy from people. The ADvantage Marketplace lets you connect with and build relationships with your customers or potential customers. Customer support doesn't get better than this.

    You can also use your Social Networking Community to swap ideas, share expertise with other like-minded people plus meet potential business partners - so don't miss out!

    Create an online identity if you don't have a website

    If you don't already have an online identity - then what can we say, except - you're missing out! Now's a perfect time to take your business online and what better way than to join the ADvantage Marketplace and use tools like a blog (in the social networking section of the site) or videos to create an online identity for your business.

    Frightened of the web? Don't worry, you don't need any technical expertise to set up a directory listing - all you need on hand is some information about yourself and your business, a few pictures or description of the product or services you want to sell, and you're ready to roll. It's very easy to join and set up your business profile.

    Complement your existing website and enhance your online presence

    Even if you already have an existing website, having a ADvantage Marketplace listing will add to it. Apart from using social media like Twitter, Facebook or videos to promote your business, it helps to increase your online exposure and ranking on search engine results pages such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Think about it, no agency costs, easy and timely to update - all at the click of a button! You can also drive traffic to your website via your website link and social media buttons - so think of your ADvantage Marketplace listing as the red carpet to your business or business website.

    Promote your business online

    Giving your customers what they want, when they want - to do business with and support women in business - is great for your business. You don't need additional software or expert knowledge to list your products or services.

    We want to give you the best options for promoting your business in the ADvantage Marketplace Directory of Women Owned Businesses and Women Business Owners - so don't miss out.

    Heard enough? Why not sign up NOW. It's only a one-off investment of $79.00!


    Our mission is to assist women to achieve their dreams by providing the premier and effective search Directory of Women Owned Businesses and Women Business Owners.

    Dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs. Our web site provides online business to business networking, a place where women can find other women in business when they need a service or product or when they are seeking to forge new business partnerships. It's also the place where women consumers who want to support other women in business can find the products and services that your company offers!

    Make your new listing "Featured" for aa additional mere $30.00 one off cost. A Featured listing is more prominent than a standard listing and is colored in a more visible way. It also appears at the top of searches.

    To upgrade your listing to a "Featured" business "Points" (1 point = $2 US Dollars) can be purchased using PayPal in your ADMIN Panel during or after listing your company. It's quick and easy even if you do not have a PayPal account - a debit or credit card can be used via PayPal to securely make "Points"purchases. (All cost for upgrades are one-off charges. No Monthly or Annual Subscription required) See our Frequently Asked Questions and How To's section to learn more.

    Heard enough? Why not sign up NOW. It's only a one-off investment of $79.00!

    Basic Sign Up Features And Premium Option

    Address Details list check list check
    Full Page Complete Company Profile list check list check
    Website Link list check list check
    Number of Visitors Counter list check list check
    Print Company Profile or Download As PDF list check list check
    Send To Friends Link list check list check
    Social Media Links list check list check
    Search Engine Optimised by our Experts list check list check
    Featured Listing In Search Results cross list check
    Photo Uploads (to create a gallery/slideshow) list check list check
    Video Uploads list check list check
    Documents Download (PDFs, Word etc.) list check list check
    Google Map Location list check list check


    We created the ADvantage Marketplace to be for anyone but if you don’t have the time and want to get the best results from your  ADvantage Marketplace listing, then we have experts (ideally for those wanting a full featured premium listing with a photo gallery, videos, Google location map and more...) on hand to help.

    For A fee of only $20.00 plus the additional upgrade fee necessary for a premium featured listing mentioned above with 1 point costing $2 US Dollars they will give you:

    A guided tour of the ADvantage Marketplace and what it can offer.

    Make sure your ADvantage Marketplace listing is set up to professional standards to give you the best results.

    Show you how to get more our of your ADvantage Marketplace business profile listing.To request more information on this service please contact our support department. Just click here...

Social Networking Community Overview

  • Introducing WOMEN IN MEDICINE MAGAZINE's Social Networking Community For Women


    Find out what our community is made of


    Social networking sites are enormously fun for you to expand your online relationships and network within a vibrant and thriving community!
    Women In Medicine Magazine makes it easy for you to network with like minded professionals. At a glance, we have developed our social network from the ground up with many features that will make networking a breeze and provide you with the most satisfaction! You can easily enable social networking to collaborate with your community with features such as activity streams, your photo gallery, video support, organic groups, event management, social graph management, customise your profile, private messaging, external social network integration and many more.
    Women In Medicine Magazine provides a top social network for you.


    Sign up for our social networking community copy

  • This Is Where The Fun Is!


    And we make it easy to share

    Upload photos

    Upload With Ease

    The fun begins when you start to upload your photos. Our clean and fast photo uploader helps you to easily upload a bunch of photos at once. It automatically queue up the photos and upload them one by one. Your server will thank us for that. Uploaded photos will be shown up as thumbnails so you can easily check if you've missed any photo.

    View and Comment

    users commentsViewing photos on Women In Medicine Magazine is a pleasant experience, even when your Internet connection is slow. Thanks to AJAXified photo viewer, the next photo will be displayed without page reload. This will save bandwidth, use less server resource and it is much faster. You can tag your friends, wait for your friends to comment and reply to their comments. 


    office foldersUploaded photo can be arranged to your liking. How? Just drag and drop into the correct order and you are done. After that, don't forget to choose the best photo to be the album cover.

    Sign up for our social networking community copy

  • If A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words


    Video speaks thirty thousands words, per second

    Built into the Community is a fully featured video capability, ranging from embedding videos to hosting your own. We provide everything that you need!

    Share This Elegantly!

    female male usersOur Community supports external video linking. Be it video from Youtube, Vimeo or 10 other major video providers, your video will be always elegantly embedded on your profile or group pages, complete with viewing stats, thumbnail and commenting system. You can also feature those cool videos linked by your friends and group members.

    My videos

    Upload with ease

    green arrow upOur Community members can display their original videos that you can upload or embed content from other networks. Members can upload to multiple public or private albums.

    Tell the world

    usersStumbled upon amazing street dance or that funny sneezing panda video? Let your friends in Facebook or twitter know by using our sharing tool. Women In Medicine Magazine's Community supports more than 20 social bookmarking sites.

    Social Media Sharing

    Keep it safe

    female user warningVideo and other pages in our Community are equipped with a reporting tool. Members can report any offending video or photo. We can check the report page on the backend and take necessary steps to make sure our Community site is clean and safe.

    Report this

    Profile Video

    filmThose little avatars you see at profile pages, they are too common. Now you can sizzle up your profile page with a profile video! Introduce yourself, create your version of a Lady Gaga song, post your favorite movie trailer or anything; be more than just a picture.

    Sign up for our social networking community copy

  • Just Add People


    They will hook into it

    Successful social networks will have a tremendous growth in membership. New members will keep coming in and at some point, it becomes harder to interact with everyone. Groups to the rescue! With Groups you can recreate a smaller community and make it personal again. Since a group is made up of members who share the same interests, they will surely make an engaging bunch.

    Public and Private

    lockMake it public or private, it can be fun either way. Public group can be joined by any site members so this is perfect if you want to create a fan club of yourself. If you would like to create a secret society and plan a world take over, private group is what you are looking for. It allows you to hand pick your members.

    Photos and Videos Inside

    imageEach group can have their own Photo and Video gallery. You can share the media with your group members. As an admin, you can set to limit media sharing to admins only or open to all group members.

    Wall Post and Discussion

    note bookWall post is a general message board while discussion board is more to topic-specified discussion. These are the essential tools to keep your group active.

    Republic of Power

    keyAs an admin, you hold the power and responsibility to moderate all contents in your group. You can promote additional admins to help you with this great task. As an option, admins can be set to receive notification of new content or new join request.

    Sign up for our social networking community copy

  • Frequent Visitors


    Stream your recent community activity feeds in real time

    Everyone loves to find out the up to the minutes’ activities on your community, such as latest wall posts, blog entries, comments, pictures, and videos shared by the members.
    The Women In Medicine Magazine's Community activity stream system summarizes and displays all activities on one page with links to all of the original items. While the system automatically summarizes the content for the activities to reduce redundancy, it allows you further customize your activity stream features such as aggregated activities and integrate with user points system.

    Descriptive Activities User Points System

    newsWhether it's a gorgeous photo or a funny reply, you will get a sneak peak of it. Current version of activity stream will tell you more about new comments, videos, photos or discussions posted so you can check the interesting ones or ignore rest.

    User Points System

    prize winnerOne great way to encourage members participation is to reward members with points. Our user points system allow you to reward points to user activities, the more activities the user, the more points are being rewarded.

    Sign up for our social networking community copy

  • The More Friends, The Merrier!


    The best community for your dearest ones

    What’s good of a social network if we can’t make friends? We’ve created the Women In Medicine Social Network for you to make lots of new friends, re-connect with old ones, share relationships about common interests or link with other members as professionals.
    Your powerful search feature makes it easy for you to search friends of a specific criteria. Your social networking community also has a friend invite system where you can send out emails inviting your friends from your address book to participate in your social network.

    Invite Friends System

    add female userInvite your friends with Women In Medicine Magazine's Invite System. Just add the email addresses from your address book into your profile and send out an invite to get more people you know participating into our social networking community.



    lockWe know how certain information is sensitive to you and you may not want to share those information with the public. Women In Medicine Magazine understands this and offers the feature to hide information about you that you don’t want the public to know.


    Choose Your Friends

    usersGood friends light up your life, and therefore must be chosen carefully. With
    Women In Medicine Magazine's Friends Approve system, you can choose who you want to be friends with by accepting or rejecting them to be in your circle.


    Powerful Search Function

    search businesswomanIf you are looking for members of your community that matches a certain criteria, our search function is powerful enough to produce the results. Let’s say you want to find female members of your community who graduated in the year 2002, use the search function and you’ll find your desired results!

    Sign up for our social networking community copy

  • Your Event, Your Way


    Powerful built-in Event Management that helps you keep track of your events

    Easily manage your events with our Event Manager. Set an event anywhere in the world and it’ll display in the Google maps. Manage your members, set an invite number limit or even send out invitations so that they can RSVP to your event. Set your events with Women In Medicine Magazine so that members are more engaged with each other. Nothing beats meeting your members face to face and having fun at doing that!

    Seat Allocation

    coffee cupA meeting at Starbucks won’t go well with 40 people coming along. And a backyard party with 2 friends won’t be a lot of fun. Easily expect or limit how many people should come to your event.

    Private & Public Events

    lockNot all events are created equal. We give you absolute control of your event. Is it private or open to all? Allow guests to invite their friends? How many seats are there? It is all up to you.

    Google Maps

    globeJust enter the address and Google will automatically find the map and display it. Need a hardcopy? Print your events beautifully with the built-in 'Print event' feature. You will never get lost.

    Keep Everyone Updated

    infoVenue changed? Again? Don't worry, with our built-in email notification, you can keep all the participants up to date with all the changes. Plus, they can give suggestions through the event's wall.

    Invite Others

    add female userInvite a few or a whole bunch of your friends. They in turn will respond with RSVP system. Now you will always know how many pizzas to order.

    Sign up for our social networking community copy

  • Thousands Of Social Networking Sites Out There


    Make ours stand above the rest

    Women In Medicine Magazine's social networking community makes it easy for you to collect relevant data from our users. From the common profile such as High School and Hometown, you can ask users something more relevant to your group for example. Let's say you want to create a group of women owned dental practices in Chicago. You can easily create custom questions that will collect useful information like what kind of dentistry you practice, when did you graduate dental school and so on.

    Collect the data

    add to databaseYou can then let your members find each other based on various criteria. This search feature would be useful especially when you are inviting members in Manhattan for a quarterly meetup, for example. Plus, you can use this information with our event management or a third party Friend Suggest feature to do some meetup magic!

    Use it in many ways.

    process accept

    Not only does Women In Medicine Magazine's social networking community makes it easy to ask all those questions but it also lets us define which questions are required and which are not. Our new sign ups will appreciate not being forced to fill up optional questions.

    More Control

    A social networking site has to offer unique features to its members that keep them coming back. Our social network is easy to customize with unique features.

    Sign up for our social networking community copy

  • For Everything Behind The Closed Doors


    Indulge in one-on-one communication

    Private messaging exists on social networking sites for a reason: Members can do one-on-one private messaging. It is the simple way to send messages between members privately that is similar to email. Private messages cannot be read by any members except for the person it was sent to.You and other members can send a private message to anyone within the community.
    Members can send and receive private messages on our site; view messages sent and reply to private messages.

    View your private messages

    mail receive
    Each community member's personal inbox allows one to view and manage all communication with other community members, while not requiring that any member explicitly share their email addresses.
    When a community member receives a new message, an alert will appear at the top of their community page after they login.The messages of your Inbox are only visible to you only.

    Sent: View messages you sent

    mail send
    When you message someone, your message goes into his or her Inbox. There will be a notification on that person's community page. Meanwhile your copy of your message will be stored in the Sent folder for your own reference.

    Write: Send / reply private messages


    edit pageWhen you private message, your message can only be read by your selected recipient. To send or reply message, simply select recipient from your friend list on the right, fill in the subject line and your message. It is like email.

    Sign up for our social networking community copy

  • We Love Facebook And Twitter Birds


    Surefire way to grow your friends and followers

    You can easily leverage user bases and experiences from external social networking sites and tools to your community. Third party social network like Facebook has exposed their API, and we integrate them into your community site.

    Facebook Connect

    social facebookTo make the registration process hassle-free, we've included our new Facebook-Connect login-module on Women In Medicine Magazine social networking community, so our members can log-in to their community using their Facebook account credentials. Adding this to our community site simplifies sign up!
    Profile pics, status updates & more are “pulled” in safely and securely from Facebook, making it easy for new and existing users to sign up and stay logged into our community.

    MyBlog Integration

    edit pageIn our community, our members can have their very own blogs, post entries directly from their profile pages, and share those blog posts with friends via the Women In Medicine Magazine's integration.
    Additionally, our members' blog posts will now show up in our community's Activity Stream; avatar support is included, and each member can accumulate "user points" with every blog post they make!

    Tweeting Tweeps

    social twitter boxNow every member can take twitter inside of our social networking community. With Twitter App for the community, you can post your status update in Women In Medicine Magazine's community to Twitter, retrieve your Twitter timeline on your profile page and if the number is not embarrassing, you can show how many followers that you have.

    Sign up for our social networking community copy

  • Sign Up Now!->>


    It's Free!

    To join now simply click the banner ad below to get started. In a matter of minutes you will have joined the most sophisticated, classy social networking site in the world! Designed for women with an entrepreneurial view of life who have success at the forefront of their thinking!

    Sign up for our social networking community copy

Write For Us!

Women In Medicine Magazine.com Article Submissions Guidelines


Women In Medicine Magazine.com is always looking for talented, experienced editorial contributors to enhance our online magazine. Our general goal is to have a good mix of substantive articles of interest to women in medical fields. If you think you can help us do that, then read on.

Note: that all guest post submissions must be original and not already published elsewhere online. You own the copyright of your article and are free to publish your article elsewhere, but we ask that you acknowledge that it was first published in Women In Medicine Magazine, including where possible a hyperlink to the Women In Medicine Magazine website.

Women In Medicine Magazine.com is a magazine for and about women in medical fields and the medical industry. Our mission is to provide a platform for women to express themselves while accessing meaningful, entertaining and exciting content relevant to their careers and their lives. Our online magazine provides content in the areas medical news, career, health, Resources, profiles of women in medicine, medical breakthorughs, community, and much, much more.

We welcome contributions from freelance writers and professionals alike. First:

  • First you will need to login or register to create a free account on the site then it's free and easy to publish.
  • Once you are logged in a "SUBMIT AN ARTICLE" link will appear in the menu at the very top of the all pages. A "SUBMIT AN ARTICLE" link will also appear under the "Home" dropdown menu. These links, which are only visible to logged in members, will take you to the article submission form.
  • You'll write a title, enter your text (it's easy to cut and paste from another document), choose which editorial category you want your article to appear in and upload a photo if required. We'll provide a complimentary proofreading service. Soon after that, we'll send a “You're Published” email and a link to your article.

We are not restrictive on your word limit or style but usually 500 to 2,000 words make for a good article or blog. Writing is an art and we are keen to give you as much freedom to write with your own style and flow. However, you should bear in mind that our target audience is made up of busy career women.

What kind of content are we looking for?

  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • Interviews
  • Profiles
  • Book reviews

Here are some content submissions ideas:

  • Self: In-depth stories related to identity, tradition and issues that medical women face in their day-today life, also issues relevant to audiences of various cultures/religious backgrounds.
  • Culture and Lifestyle: Book, movie, music and concert reviews. Culture analysis of mainstream artists, restaurants, club and bar reviews.
  • Family and Friends: Stories, advice, rants and raves about relationships. We welcome stories about interfaith and interracial relationships, issues and frank discussion about sexuality.
  • Interviews with Successful Medical Women: Interviews with fantastic medical women everywhere.

We reserve the right to make final editorial decisions on all articles submitted. Any work published on Women In Medicine Magazine.com becomes the exclusive property of Women In Medicine Magazine.com. Contact Women In Medicine Magazine.com for information on reprinting permissions. We retain the rights to both Internet and print copies of anything published under the name “Women In Medicine Magazine.com”.

This site is truly a reflection of its Members, so everyone here is eager for your feedback. Just contact us and let us know what you like or dislike. If there’s a story you want us to pursue or a poll you want us to take, please let us know.

And finally thank you for taking the time to read about us. "Hi Impact Radius"

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